About us
After working in the Concordia area of Monroe Township, Laura Reeves founder of Benefit Bookkeeping, recognized that there was a considerable need for a service which provides in home assistance with one's daily financial and/or medical paperwork.
Benefit Bookkeeping has served the surrounding retirement communities for over 13 years. In addition, Laura Reeves has reached out to the community with various financial seminars and open forums providing information on obtaining financial organization.
Laura has a degree in accounting, is a licensed Financial Advisor, and has 26 years of experience in finance, ranging from banking to assisting clients with financial planning.
Laura is affiliated with the following associations;
  •  Accreditation of the Better Busines Bureau
  •  American Association of Daily Money Managers
  •  National Association of Women Business Owners
  •  National Notary Association
About Benefit Bookkeeping