Bookkeeping and Daily Money Management

Catering to the needs of the senior community by offering them assistance with organizing and maintaining their finances.
Services offered are tailored to each individual's needs, some of which may include;
  •  Payment and Tracking of Bills
  •  Establishing a Maintainable Filing System
  •  Creating a List of Medications, Important Contacts and Insurance Info.
  •  Acting as Liason
  •  Power of Attorney
  •  Deciding on Supplemental and/or Longterm Care Benefits
  •  Gathering Tax Documents/Deductions for Accountant
  •  Acting as Concierge to Find Suitable Aide or other Services
  1. Organization of Paperwork
    Organization of Paperwork
    Sorting through paperwork to update and ensure items are up to date and accessible. Additional measures are taken that all necessary items are identifiable and accurate. This proves to be invaluable should an emergency arise, the family members are apprised of medications taken, who is Power of Attorney and that a Living Will is in place.
  2. Daily Money Management
    Daily Money Management
    -DMM services typically include, payment and tracking of monthly bills, establishing and maintaining a filing system, assisting with deciding on supplemental health and long term care insurance,financial software setup and tutorials, explaining and monitoring financial statements, monitoring medical insurance payments and reimbursements, balancing checkbooks, and negotiating with creditors. -Notary public services
  3. Compiling Tax Documents needed for Accountant
    Compiling Tax Documents needed for Accountant
    -Assisting with the coordination of paperwork needed for tax preparation. As income/expense statements are received checklist is compiled. -Optional customized spreadsheet is formatted to ensure all tax deductions are recorded and utilized.
  4. Power of Attorney
    Power of Attorney
    -If the time ever arises where one would need a trusted individual to step in, whether it is temporary or indefinite, peace of mind could be achieved, knowing all matters will be handled with efficiency, accuracy, and integrity.
  1. Clients who may be.....
    Clients who may be.....
    -Recently widowed spouse -Those who are finding it difficult to maintain their finances or don't want the hassle
  2. suited for our services
    suited for our services
    -Temporary situation due to debilitating illness -Children of seniors whose distance presents a challenge
  3. might include:
    might include:
    -Caretaker spouse who is overwhelmed by workload -The need for someone to step in as Power of Attorney
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